A downloadable game for Windows

-Low Fantasy Inspired Shmup

A game made for Lowrezjam 2016.

In creating this game for lowrezjam I didn't get as far as I would of liked but it's still a mostly playable sorta fun game.

Work will be continuing on the game but I'll be restructuring the code as I got in a place where it was hard to modify anything and that pretty much killed development.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/ziiWASr5I_4


  • Movement: WASD
  • Shoot: J (Also Skip cut scenes and choose menu options.)
  • Close: ESC

Features so far:

  • 1 Level, 1 Boss, 3 music tracks, 4 enemy types.
  • Enemy spawning is random

Planned Features:

  • 3 Levels
  • 3 Bosses
  • 12+ Enemy Types
  • Separate songs for each level.
  • Enhanced dynamic spawning system.


  • Michael Adamson: Music, Art & Sound design
  • Tyler Green: Coding

Powered by the Orx portable engine, orx-project.org. (they're some pretty cool guys over there.)


  • Placed #61 in Lowrezjam overall which makes me extremely happy. #24 for Michael's amazing art. #104 for the feel of the gameplay which is still top 33% but it's something that definitely needs the most work.
  • I'm working with a few idea on how to improve the gameplay such as speeding up gragthok, expanding the field of view (since the jam's over.) and adding power ups and things. I'll have more to talk about once I get back to work on things.


  • I luckily got an update in right before the dead line.
  • Added boss to Grass Map as well as fixed map to match collisions more.
  • Added credits and ability to kill the boss ;)

Install instructions

Unzip and run GragthoksMight64.exe


GragthoksMight64 - Lowrezjam v0.3.zip 8 MB

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